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Retail & Kiosks
POS and IDS are widely used in retail market. These devices can not only improve the work efficiency, but attract more customers for retailers. In big shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, IDS can build the brand image and engage more stable customers. In the intense business competition, the innovative IDS marketing modes and products promotion with vivid videos fully spread products information and enhance the brand image, engaging more potential customers. 

EverTouch focuses on diverse applications for retail market, and customizes different touch solutions. For traditional POS, the innovative zero-bezel SAW touch screen can be more easily integrated. It’s the ideal solution for retail POS with the features of precision, stability and no-drift. For IDS, the big size multi-touch infrared touch screen with high hardness glass and metal frame brings traditional IDS interactivity, which can push information to users efficiently and get excellent interaction with them.
   EverTouch's Touch solutions are applied to devices such as: