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Transportation Solutions
At present, the intelligent transportation equipment such as ticketing vending machine, airport CUSS, passenger information system, equipped with interactive touch design, are widely used at railway stations, metro stations, bus stations, high-speed rail stations and airports. Through simple operation, users can buy tickets, pass identification, print boarding card and travel itinerary. These interactive touch equipment help to improve transportation industry greatly, getting passengers to take transportation much faster and high efficiently, and managing stations more scientifically and intelligently. 

General Touch brings ideal touch solutions for transportation. With Stable touch feature, precise and fast touch reaction, waterproof and anti-vandal performance, our touch screens are specially designed for transportation industry , satisfying the complex using environments such as frequency use, high strength use, multi-way operation and anti-water, anti-dust, anti-vandal environments.

   EverTouch's Touch solutions are applied to devices such as: