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Gaming & Enterainment
As the interactive interface for many gameplay application systems, touch screen plays a very important role in gaming industry. With touch screens, players can be more focusing on gaming and get more wonderful gaming experience. Touch screens are widely used on gaming and amusement devices such as slotting machines, multi-player game machines, jukeboxes, horse racing systems, self-service lottery systems, etc. 

With more than 10 years experience, EverTouch has always been offering stable touch products to gaming OEMs all over the world. EverTouch’s open-frame touch monitors, equipped with high quality LCD panels, have wide viewing angle, high contrast and high clarity. Comparing with high maintenance cost of the traditional gaming machines, EverTouch’s SAW touch screen has long-lasting, durable, maintenance-free features, suitable for harsh application environments. EverTouch’s patented technologies of dust proof and water proof guarantee products’ high-level sealing, which reduce products cost and maintenance cost greatly. Anti-vandal glass makes sure touch screens not easy to be scratched and keep users safe.

   EverTouch's Touch solutions are applied to devices such as: